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What does Girl Power mean to HBS Inferno?


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Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 2:02 PM

To us, Girl powered means making the point that everyone has an equal chance to do robotics; many girls are curious about the world of science however not a lot of people try to motivate girls to pursue a role in the field of science. Girls only make up twenty three percent of the VEX participants and only twenty four percent are part of the STEM workforce. Girl  power is the reference to an attitude of independence, confidence, and empowerment among young women.   We ourselves understand the importance to spread girl power as we ourselves have faced backlash because we are girls. In one match we were paired up with an all boys team and they told us “Follow our strategy and don’t get in our way. We can’t lose this. so you better listen to us and don't mess up ” These were the words spoken to us by our alliance partners. Even though the field may be male dominated we want to prove to others that girls can do the same and gender should not limit what we can achieve   We are a hard working and driven team and we strive to do the best that we can do. Girl power is very significant to us as that is what helps us to give the momentum every competition. Even though many may believe that girls can not do the same as what the boys can do girl power enables us to show others what our full potential really is and has changed the face of robotics. Even though the field might be mostly occupied by boys but being an all girl team is something that makes us feel really proud because not many people might expect us to do what we love doing, which is robotics.   With girl power it does not mean that people should favour the girls over the boys or that less boys should be on the field. We want the field to be as diverse as possible so that we can incorporate many different views as possible. With robotics it requires problem solving as the best way to find the solutions is having a variety of different opinions and that is what we want to see on the robotics field. The STEM world misses out on so much perspective when it isn’t inclusive of women,or people in general as the more opinions there are, the more likely to get to the best solution.   Anyone who is willing to try robotics should be given an opportunity to express themselves because everyone on the robotics field is unique. During the process of making and designing the robot we have to overcome many obstacles as a team, such as trying out different designs to see which model works the best.  Doing EDR for the first time made building the robot from scratch a tough but possible challenge for us.Even though it might take a while it does not mean that we give up we keep on persevering because we have that drive in us to make sure that we can do to the best of our abilities.   After finishing our design of our very first robot as a team we had realised that we were as capable as other teams and that we just had to work hard in order to gain more experience. All of us really enjoy robotics and believe that as a team we can become much stronger as we are girl powered.  


   GalenVEX on 01/18/2019

Nice! Good luck #girlpower rocks!