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Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 2:07 PM

When I hear the phrase "girl power" what comes to mind is what girls can do to impact the world. I believe just because we are a certain gender doesn't mean we can't do things like anyone else such as building. It affected my teams approach to robotics by now having female teams. My team consists of only females and we were able to build a robot succesfully and attend competetions. Our other girl team 8871B won the accelence award in both competitons attended this year. Our team president is also a female. We also have other teams with both genders that also do well. We don't favorite any gender here, but I can say girls have helped boys complete their robot. Being diverse helps our team and robot for lots of reasons. First of all people know different things and have their own ideas like one person knows how to build and the other knows how to program, this will also improve our robot. Another reason is the different expierences people have. I have been in this team for only a year, but my experience has been amazing so far. My role model would have to be my coach Mrs. Jablon. She makes sure we have the best experience when working and attending competitions. She helps us succed to win award too. Our team has won multiple awards including the accelence award. Overall our team is the best team. 


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