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Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 2:18 PM

When I hear "girl power",  I Imagine girls doing things that people thought would be impossible. So my team is an all-girls team and this relative to us because a lot of people think that well could do just a drivetrain but in real life, we could build a whole working robot. So my team start with just six girls but now its seven girls and two boys so our group has grown a little bit, but the people we got are new to robotics thing like what is a drivetrain and how to build a claw, so one of my teammates and me took a day off from building to show our new teammates thing they need to know and where things are and how to build a drivetrain and how to program. So our team does this we put people to build and some to program and same times we but people to make parts like a six-bar left or a four-bar left so we all do something and we all have to have fun doing our parts. So when our team doesn't agree with the design we talk about and how we can fix it so everybody is happy with our work. Ms, Jablon is my role model because we tell us to never give up and when our team has a problem getting along she talk to us and solve our problem, she is like a mother to us. We are the best family/team ever !!!!


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