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8871--Girl Powered


Entry ID #: 6215
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 9:48 PM

When the phrase 'girl-power' is mentioned I usually assume that it has to do with how much power a female has within her environment. The girls within the team take a serious approach towards robotics because we know that even though we may not be the best in some area's we do strive in the other options. My team members are all girls-for the most part. We have many different jobs that we are assigned to each day, I have worked on programming, building, being a journalist, and a driver. I may not have been good at programming but I did excel in the doing daily entries and building, I am still working on driving just like one of my team members are. There is another person who has been assigned many different jobs, she has been switching between Journalist, Material girl, and being a Journalist, she's doing a great job. My other team members have also switched between many different roles and I've learned the strengths and weaknesses within the team when it comes to the topic. The diversity of perspective changes the design of our robot due to many different thoughts and views on how something should be done. It's always good to have more than one persons view on a decision that could affect the way the robot may run. My STEM role model would have to be my coach: Mrs. Jablon. She has made the experience fun and worth all of the struggles that my team has faced so far. During Competition she always makes sure that we are enjoying it instead of totally stressing us out.  In conclusion, this year so far has been a blast and it was worth the decision of joining the team.    


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