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4073G Has Girl Power


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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 8:50 AM

Girl Powered   Girl Power in VEX Robotics is hard to find in many teams and groups. Girls in just a club is hard to find. At least 50% of our VEX class is girls now but in the start it was not 50%. Mr. Anderson has a picture of the first Vex Jets team and there is just one girl out of the whole class. Society created a figure for girls to be the stay at home people while boys go to school to learn and work. According to National Science Board, National Science Foundation, & National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics. (n.d.) “Female students' achievement in mathematics and science is on par with their male peers and female students participate in high level mathematics and science courses at similar rates as their male peers, with the exception of computer science and engineering” so, Team 4073G has shown many ways why Robotics can include girls and boys by creating a spot for them in all ways such as building, programming, driving, and using inventor to model the robot.   When I hear girl power I hear that girls are changing the world in many different ways. Some people believe that girls or women can’t do the same things that boys or men can do. Maybe not all things girls and boys can do the same but engineering is something that girls have learned and developed a liking to.  The reflected approach towards robotics from our girls on the team is strong in ways such as the thinking of what needs to happen before the next tournament. 4073G’s captain is in fact a girl who has been taking charge and fixing up our robot for the tournament and hoping that we can get chosen as an alliance.  Girl Power isn’t just shown in robotics but shown by all women who take a stand and show what their passion, ideas, and hopes are for the future. The whole VEX Jets group strives on showing how girls in VEX and STEM create a different set of rules for our society. Our team has taken initiative to create a more inclusive environment  that attracts a diverse group of students by showing that girls can do engineering and guys are not the only mind that works in that way. The diversity of the class ranges from many regions where they are from as well. Mr. Anderson interviews kids and does not base off of skin tone, looks, or gender. Mr. Anderson bases off of knowledge  and knowing that they are able to work will with all of the people who join the VEX Jets Family as well as trying hard in building the robot to make it to state or even worlds. When girls join VEX people think that it was because they just needed to because they had no other elective. Girls in VEX at Joe Walker Middle School are here to be here and we show that we have the engineering mind and effect as everyone else who. Each team member has tried each role starting from designing to building and has found their spot. Personally I have tried programming, inventor, and designing but I found that I am good at writing so I take care of 4073A’s notebook. Cameron, Colby, Joseph, Steven, and Shelby build. Aleena is also an inventor for Team 4073A. Shelby has multiple jobs so she builds but also designs and programs. Colby is one of our best drivers and he had to try out for that spot so we know he is fit for that job. Everyone in the VEX Jets team has a spot and we know that is where they belong because in July we have a workshop to see what we like best and want to work on. We look at what previous VEX Jets have done so that is a way to see the spark of what they love. Diversity of perspective changes our mind set because we dont judge on skin, gender, or race. We think of the ideas as if ourselves thought of that. All VEX Jets have good and bad ideas. The design is always changed and is always tried out on the practice field. The chemistry in our team does in fact change our robot. Vex  has changed us all because we learned what it is like to be a strong team by hanging out after school, coming in during lunch and advisory, and going on trips. My ability to succeed in class depends on weather I am ready and prepared to learn not on who’s in the class. Vex especially because Mr. Anderson has created a class to where we all trust each other and can take perspective on the robot and what it can do in a match rather than looks of people and how they are categorized. Mr. Anderson is my stem role model. Mr. Anderson inspires our team to be  more inclusive because he makes sure that everyone has tried something that is new and that can benefit us in the future. Being engineering notebook will help me in the future by writing good notes for highschool or college to study for test. Even being engineering notebook can help when I have a business and need to keep track of what is going on. For programming they can do a lot for many big companies and maybe can even create their own company. This is all help with a great role model that creates these opportunities. Girl Power is throughout the world. Most people can try to say girls have a hard time in the world when it comes to gender. When it comes to girl power and Vex Robotics it can be looked at as girls have changed the societies figure and has changed the rule that not just guys need to know how to be an engineer. Girls don’t have to be the stay at home people. Now the 50% of girls in our class can be the mark on the world that shows how learning, technology, math, science, and learning can be for everyone in a diverse group of people. References Statistics. (n.d.). Retrieved January 1, 2019, from National Science Board, National Science Foundation, & National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics. (n.d.). Retrieved January 2, 2019, from

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