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Nothing Bot Girls!


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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 10:34 AM

We created a Prezi showing a little bit about what our Nothing Bot Girls Girl Powered team is all about. When we hear Girl Powered a smile comes across our faces because we are excited to know there are girls out there with the same mindset as us to change the world. We created our all girls team to show that a group of determined females can get the job done just like anyone else can. We get out into the community to promote robotics and show that the times are changing and that girls in STEM is becoming powerful. Our determination to get more girls involved has made a difference at our school as our robotics program is neraly 50/50. We have made Girl Powered signs, team coins with our slogan to hand out, outfits that are easy to remeber us by, and encourage new students everyday to never give up on a dream. Being a new team though has come with its challenges. No one knew how to build, drive, or code at the beginning of the year and now we are in the middle and our team is 29th in the World! Everyone on our team can do what at first we couldn't and even more because we tried and failed and in turn learned more than we ever thought we would. Robotics is hard but when we have a strong group of determined girls you can truly do the impossible and make a difference. Having new ideas when going about every aspect of the game this year really is a positive because you just keep testing new ideas which sparks another and then creates a chain reaction of wonderful creations. Our team is so much fun and we get closer to our common goal of being successful as a Girl Powered team when we don't give up and keep trying when we hit a road block. As we like to say, "girls are the gears that drive us forward" and we want everyone to see that when you give everyone an opportunity to try something new then the outcome will be amazing!


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Here is the link to our Prezi of how and why we became Girl Powred!