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What Girl Power Means to Us


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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 11:58 AM

What does Girl Powered mean to me? That is a hard question to answer because of how dramatically my viewpoint has changed in the past few years. My first experience in robotics, when I first came upon the phrase, I was a part of an all-female team that was friends in and out of the robotics room. At that point, I was proud to be a member of a “Girl Powered” team and smiled when I heard them announce such. In the following year, my team was forced to dissolve as we entered high school VRC, and I was placed on a co-ed team with two other girls and four boys. I was confused, we no longer qualified as a “Girl Powered” team despite the fact that one of our team captains was a girl and we were an incredibly inclusive team. I mentally ran into the same problem when my male friends said that they couldn’t be feminists because they weren’t women. I felt that for women to be treated as equals in STEM fields, a change had to take place on both fronts, and therefore do not encourage co-ed teams for their equality was weird and bizarre. It was much easier for me to be on an all girl team, than my freshman year co-ed team, and that was why I was hesitant to take an even bigger step by being the only girl on my sophomore team. My new team is composed of four other guys and myself, a male to female ratio of 1:4, which is pretty dismal. I joined the team and my perception of “Girl Powered” changed again. No longer did “Girl Powered” mean all girls, or even mostly girls. I think that at this point in my life the meaning of “Girl Powered” is completely independent of the male to female ratio of a team, rather it is solely dependent on how the team and community treat the individual members of the team despite their different backgrounds.

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