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Entry ID #: 177
Created: Mon, Mar 1, 2010 7:51 PM

Are you tired of forgetting all of those Saturday chores? Well look no further, the Reminda-tron will help you stay organized and complete all those chores. This simple designed robot has three erasable white boards that allow you to customize the to-do list to fit your needs. When you complete one of your tasks, just press the red button and the robot will rotate the board showing the task has been completed. Do you have more than three things on your to do list, then just add more Reminda-trons. Don’t trouble yourself trying to remember what you have to do, let the Reminda-tron do it for you. The concept of the Reminda-tron originated from me always forgetting to complete all of my chores on Saturday morning. I thought it would be great if there was a machine that would help you stay organized and was more exciting than a simple list. It’s designed to be simple and functional, giving the user the ability to customize each use. Servo motors give you the precision that motors can’t and the push buttons are perfect to hit when the chore is done. Autodesk Inventor was used to make my ideas a reality. Inventor helped me realize that some pieces would work better than others. For example, to rotate the white boards I was originally going to use gears but found out there was not enough room so as an alternative I decided to use a direct drive approach with shaft collars. After my final design was completed, I was able to utilize Inventor Studio to seamlessly demonstrate the functionality of the robot. Inventor was a very useful tool and I am impressed with the features Inventor 2010 has to offer.


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