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Room Cleaner


Entry ID #: 179
Created: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 9:35 AM

Have you ever been hard at work on a robot and suddenly get told to clean your room? You cannot leave what you are doing or you will lose your concentration! What should you do? Get out the Room Cleaner. The Room Cleaner is designed to autonomously clean a room by picking up small objects on the floor. It has a high power claw (150 Lbs of force at axel, see picture below) for picking up objects and a trailer to bring them back to you. It utilizes four motors, one ultrasonic sensor, and one bumper sensor.


Complete robot description in PDF format.

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   AZ_RobotLab on 03/08/2010

Thanks! It was designed for hard floors and short area rugs which is what I have in my house.

   bellpride on 03/07/2010

Nice entry. From a practical standpoint though, it doesn't look like this will work too well on anything but a hard floor - the 60-tooth gears will spin in the opposite direction of the wheels, stopping the robot on any carpet-like surface. Good luck!