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VEX Game Clock


Entry ID #: 181
Created: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 2:48 AM

During a VEX Competition the spectators often struggle to see how much time is left in the game. Our VEX Game Clock will stop them from ever wondering again! Measuring a whopping 2 meters long by 1 meter high it will be visible even from the other end of a football field. The VEX Game Clock counts down in the same way as the clock on the Game screen but in a much cooler way. The noise when the time flick over is like a whole lot of robots on a game field. The clock is started and stopped automatically by the field control stuff.


What it is all about. Here is our description of the game clock.

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   RoboticsAtRangitoto on 03/14/2010

@penguinfrk Thanks :-) The timer is set to one of two values. One is 0:20 and happens at the start of autonomous and the other is 2:00 at the start of the driver period. This is controlled using the same logic as is used to control a VEX robot. When the counter gets to 0:00 the timer stops as the game is over.

   penguinfrk on 03/13/2010

Amazing! Out of curiosity, how is the timer set? Is there something that happens at 0:00? And it's awesome that you actually constructed it! I'm wholly impressed!

   RoboticsAtRangitoto on 03/08/2010

Found the problem....It was old versions of Adobe causing problems. :-0

   RoboticsAtRangitoto on 03/08/2010

We have found that the documentation PDF is not opening on some computers! Please go to to download the document in word format. Sorry but the issue is out of our control :-(

   RoboticsAtRangitoto on 03/07/2010

HI, Thanks for the kind words. Yea the 6 needs that top bit. We will turn it on in our software, for now we will just pretend it is a New Zealand font.

   Krummel on 03/06/2010

What else is there to say? This shows hard work, well-planned design and execution, and a final outcome that looks professional. My only minor comment is on the video of the real thing running the top of the 6 should be visible (it's flipped down in the video). But thats a minor issue really. Good luck!