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Neat Freak


Entry ID #: 183
Created: Fri, Mar 5, 2010 6:34 PM

Have you ever found your self in the middle of an intense video game only to find out that you had "forgotten" to sweep the floor, or vacuum the carpet? Then the Neat Freak is for you! The Neat Freak has flaps on the front that spin debris onto a plate, the flaps and plate can tilt so that they always stay flush with the surface. Once the plate is full, the Neat Freak can flip all the debris on it onto a tray, and once the tray is full, it can be easily removed, and the debris disposed of. The Neat Freak is driven by a holonomic drive train, which allows easy maneuvering in any direction.


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   LegoMindstormsmaniac on 03/24/2010

I accidentally forgot to post the video with the pictures X( and I didn't realize until a few days later, so I had to post it here, I hope it doesn't cause problems too. Thanks very much for the compliment. :)

   LegoMindstormsmaniac on 03/07/2010

Sorry, forgot to post the video, copy and paste the url below into your address bar.