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Autodesk® Inventor® 2010 Digital Prototyping

Using Autodesk Inventor 2010, design a VEX robot that can do a household chore or activity falling under one of the following categories: necessity, convenience or entertainment. If you don't currently have Autodesk Inventor, you can download a free* version of the software on the Student Education Community at:



VEX Robotic Compactor


Have you ever been sitting in front of the TV, cleaning out your backpack, when the trash can somehow runs out of space? I have, and the only solutions I could devise were to either stop what I am doing and crush the paper with my foot or carry the bin to the dumpster and dispose of the trash. Both of these tasks required work, and neither is entertaining nor fun. My solution is the VEX Robotic Compactor. It uses high torque to generate enough force to compact the trash, so that fewer trips to the dumpster are required. Then, when I do have to take it over to the dumpster, I can drive it...
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Eagle Engineering, 1138, worked together to plan out a new design for the classic problem of trying to be in your own video or including everyone in the video. Not only have we brainstormed the robot and built a model in Autodesk Inventor, but we have gone the next step to build it out of VEX parts.
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VEX Game Clock


During a VEX Competition the spectators often struggle to see how much time is left in the game. Our VEX Game Clock will stop them from ever wondering again! Measuring a whopping 2 meters long by 1 meter high it will be visible even from the other end of a football field. The VEX Game Clock counts down in the same way as the clock on the Game screen but in a much cooler way. The noise when the time flick over is like a whole lot of robots on a game field. The clock is started and stopped automatically by the field control stuff.
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Neat Freak


Have you ever found your self in the middle of an intense video game only to find out that you had "forgotten" to sweep the floor, or vacuum the carpet? Then the Neat Freak is for you! The Neat Freak has flaps on the front that spin debris onto a plate, the flaps and plate can tilt so that they always stay flush with the surface. Once the plate is full, the Neat Freak can flip all the debris on it onto a tray, and once the tray is full, it can be easily removed, and the debris disposed of. The Neat Freak is driven by a holonomic drive train, which allows easy maneuvering in any...
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VEX Sizzler


During a New Zealand summer it is a common custom to invite your friends and family for a ‘bring-a-plate’ barbeque. Everyone who is invited will bring a plate of food whether it is meat or sausages to be cooked, or a side dish. This saves the hosts from preparing large amounts of food for everyone, but it does mean the host will still end up standing over the BBQ cooking the meat, unable to join in with the party.
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As is inevitable on most VEX Robotics teams, Team 254 members have found themselves working on their robots late at night...often without a heater, and never with one in reach. To solve this problem, we thought of the most efficient, user-friendly way to move the heater – and came up with Heaterbot. We planned for Heaterbot to use a holonomic drive. This drive system would let the heater move freely around as well as rotate in place. We also aimed for a central spooling mechanism which could wind the extension cord connecting it to the wall. After talking with the 254A programmer, we...
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