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VRC Promote Award Online Challenge

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) or VEX U team that has created and submitted an outstanding promotional video. The goal of this video is to help the team introduce itself in the community, to help recruit new students and mentors, and to gain support for the team. This video may be about the team, the program, the competition, the design and build process, the robot itself, or any theme the team believes can help promote its VEX Robotics program in their community.





Entry Removed


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5327B Promote Video 2019 "Trust the Process"


The world is constantly changing. Every day brings a new challenge in our lives, and we not only face these challenges but also learn from them. Whether it’s writing an essay or solving a differential equation in AP Calculus, we confront each of our challenges with the will to learn something out of them. At Gael Force Robotics, we know that in order to create greater impacts as high school students, we need to apply the knowledge we learn in the classroom to the real world. VEX Robotics has given us the perfect opportunity to develop skills that we may need in the future:...

Trabajo en equipo


Innovando con nuestros conocimientos y con toda la dedicación para contribuir con el desarrollo de nuestra comunidad; en esta foto se plasma el trabajo arduo de nuestro equipo con el compromiso de representar lo mejor posible a nuestra institución, nuestro municipio y nuestro país, demostrando la gran capacidad que tenemos los jóvenes en Colombia, la práctica de nuestras habilidades en los aspectos tales como la Ciencia, Tecnología, Ingeniería, Arte y Matemática.

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VEX Process Rewards Me


Welcome To “VEX Process Rewards Me.” 

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The Quest for V5


VRC Promote Award Online Challenge submission for Team 27517A What Could Go Wrong?

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Leading The Next


33691B Blue Dawn "Leading the Next"

Team 33691B, Blue Dawn, is our veteran team. It is composed of mainly seniors and juniors (11th and 12th grade). This is our first year having a veteran team, because the Bentonville West Robotics Club is only in its third year in existence. As the veterans, the members of Blue Dawn are not only tasked with designing and constructing their own robot for VRC, but they also mentor and guide the newer members. They support our other three teams (33691A Gold Dusk, 38972C Girls of West, and 38863A B-West) by offering...

SPIC Team B VRC Promote Award Online Challenge


Here is our VRC Promote Award Online Challenge Video! The video was made to promote SPIC Robotics and has some special interveiws from Team B's members. Click the link and enjoy!

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This video is about a regular day in robotics and everyone working hard.

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Our club


We are from long history's countries China.It is beautiful.As a team member of the 7792B, I'am very honour.

Every day we grow by trying. Although, this so tired and lose time that I want to give up.I'am luck. Because I have many friends in VEX.They teach me anything worth having in life requires sacrifice, patience, and effort.We progress together everyday!

IF you join VEX, you will meet excellent and have common goal friends.And you will be confident , happy.

Although,in competition you may not be winer ,but the result isn't the most...

Robots Strike Back


As the only all-girls team in our robotics program, we felt it was necessary to film this video in an effort to recruit more girls to the program.

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5S 2018-2019 Promote Award Entry "Mastering...


"Mastering Design" - 5S

Link to Video:

Video Description: Team 5S from Ravenna High School has decided to create its first ever entry for the 2018-2019 VRC Promote Award Online Challenge. Our team has always stressed the importance of using an effective design process to overcome challenges faced in robotics within our club. But why stop stressing its importance within our organization? Many teams involved in VEX Robotics don't realize the importance...

Teja is Excited!

This picture was taken at our first competition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is of one of our team members Raviteja Kanthemneni. His nickname is Teja and while at first he was intimidated by all of the bigger robots, we ended up holding first place for the first 2 matches. This picture was taken after our first match, in which we scored 23 special points and won the whole game as well as autonomous. After we took our robot back to replace its battery, I said to Teja: "QUICK SMILE"...Teja turns to the camera with the biggest grin of delight for the small victory with our...

Developing Our Design- 7983W


This video is about how 7983W uses the engineering design process to create their robot. 

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What is Vex Robotics

Vex Promote Video 2019

VRC Challenge Vex Promote video.

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7792B 2019 robots online challenge


It about our team is called 7792B,inculde our robot and our team-work


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Promote Award Online Challenge 2019


Our video showcases teamwork and the highlights of joining a robotics team. We promoted the importance of perseverance and equality on our team. This was a community effort and each team member helped contribute to the making of this video. 

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We Are 3631X DynamiX


We are a competitive VEX Robotics team from Collierville High School, composed of five sophomores and one junior. Our mission is to succeed by excelling at our own individual roles and working efficiently as a team, while also branching out to learn new skills through mentorship within our program. Additionally, we strive to ignite a passion for STEM and robotics in other students through community outreach. As we accomplish this, our team will give back to the VEX community by sharing our discoveries and experiences, completing the design process.

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Turn the Point - 1073D E-LEMON-ATORS


This is our Online Challenge VRC Promote. This is 1073D E-LEMON-ATORS video - Turn the Point, watch and enjoy this united team showing their skills to the world. you should perhaps Turn the Point too you know!

" When life gives you LEMONS make LEMONADE" - 1073D

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My partner


We come from a country with five stars flying — China;

A city with a long history — Chengdu;

A school with excellent —Shishi junior high school.The 7792A team has won numerous titiles since 2009.As a member of the 7792A we not only for 7792 to get more honor,but also for love of VEX,and the friendship between each member.we will fight tegether,receive fire and wind together,make new pages of us!

May this world championships be a great success for us.

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Our Turning Point


11342A Presents: Our Turning Point

Get an inside look of what its like to be in the Columbus Robotics team as we learn to code, build, and deal with issues that arise as we unite to create the most exceptional bot we can.

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VEXMAN: CONSPIRACY [The Promote Award Online...


We already had a plan for an advertising video for our vex lab before, and we happened to find this online challenge requiring a video. So, we made this ad video according to the requirements of this challenge.

Enjoy it ! and we would appreciate it if you would put any suggestion or advice for this video.




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1231C VEX Robotics Promotional Video... Inspired...


This is our 2018-2019 Promotional Video. Like most of the kids in our school we love Netflix. We all got pretty hooked on NBC's The Office. We thouht it was such an amazing show so we thought we should make a parody, with a few changes, for something else that's also amazing... Robotics!!! We hope you enjoyed, and please like this video.

It can be viewed at this link:

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VEX Promotion Video



This is what VEX Robotics is about: the adrenaline-stimulating competitions that go on and on. Joining VEX Robotics is fun and enthusiastic. So I made a promotion video for others to join Robotics.

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