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Created: Fri, Dec 28, 2018 6:40 AM

We are from long history's countries China.It is beautiful.As a team member of the 7792B, I'am very honour. Every day we grow by trying. Although, this so tired and lose time that I want to give up.I'am luck. Because I have many friends in VEX.They teach me anything worth having in life requires sacrifice, patience, and effort.We progress together everyday! IF you join VEX, you will meet excellent and have common goal friends.And you will be confident , happy. Although,in competition you may not be winer ,but the result isn't the most important. The most important is you will gain many useful things in process. Such as friendship, VEX can give you a place where make friends. Welcome you join us, join zhe VEX. Click the link and enjoy! Thank you!


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This video tell about 3 aspects. First aspect is our robot, we all like it. Because it builds by ourself. Second aspect is our driver drives this robot. Third aspect is how improvement this robot. That embodies our team's unity. Welcome you join us, join zhe VEX. Thank you!