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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 9:33 AM

In our video our team went to a local elementary school in our district to meet with their Tech-E Club. Tech-E Club is giving kids the opportunity to experiment with various STEM activites and tools. Our team reached out to the building administration to see if we could bring our robot to one of their meetings to promote robotics and STEM opportunities as well as encourage students to participate in different STEM activites when they reach middle and high school. We spent time with small groups of students explaining, demonstrationg, and providing hands-on opportunities to experience all aspects of Robotics. Each student had the opprotunity to drive our robot and they were all able to take home one of our teams promotional coins that we created in Corel Draw, laser cut and etched, and hand out at competitons. We are thankful to have been able to give them the opportunity to see deeper into what STEM can offer as they get older and how much fun it cam be. Along with introducing Robotics to the younger students, we were able to meet with a Nordson Representative and thank her for their constant support and donations to our program. Each member of our team is a member of Student Council and Link Crew so we are always out in the community volunteering and helpng others. We want students from a young age to have a better understanding of what STEM and robotics is in hopes they find their passion and want to change the world.


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Here is the link to our promotional video we created after we visited Tech-E Club at Prospect Elementary School!