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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 9:38 AM

Robotics is a versatile sport of diverse teammates and unique challenges. From applying the Engineering Design Process when tackling the game, to fabricating complex systems with new tools, to spying on the competition, to jumping between programming languages and software, to documenting, analyzing, and calculating how and why decisions are made, to driving on new terrain - friendships unpredictably form in this calm and chaos. There is no place like the lab we build with like-driven teammates. We succeed when we put our minds together. There is no experience like that of tournaments, where anticipation, happiness, and fear turmoil together. Together, we face two minutes of nail-biting game-play. Together, we gracefully ride the wins and losses. There is no other passion which develops like that of robotics. You are always welcome to join us.  


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2019 Online Challenge submission by team 2567A.