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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 9:42 AM

What we are doing in the video is actually bringing STEM to life in our school. The Robotics Lab at our school actually doesn't exist till two years ago. Before that, the school doesn't care about what's going on in this subject area. If our teacher didn't ask for the school's support again and again, we might never have a proper area for Robotics learning and activities. VEX Competition, in fact, helps us bring STEM and related Robotics area into the whole school's view. Many begin to know about VEX and want to participate. We show others a brand new way to experience STEM subjects, and this attracts our fellow students. We want to use this video to tell people that STEM is much more than you normally think. VEX is an interesting way to “play” with STEM. I hope what we devote into this competition can arouse people's interests so that more and more young students can join us in having a unique experience with STEM.


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We are experiencing a very different STEM. In VEX competition, we design robots, we build them, we test them and we play them. When we have malfunctions, we fix it! Set out to find the problems and solve them. Then, let our robot come back again. Interesting, right? This is our STEM, our VEX.