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VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award Online Challenge

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX IQ Challenge team that has created and submitted an outstanding VIQC promotional video. This video promotes the team in the community in order to recruit new students, mentors, and support. This video may be about what the team does, why other youth would love building robots and why they should join the team or start a new team, how the team builds their robot, or what they learn from the VEX IQ Challenge. 

This is your big chance to tell us how great your team is! Be creative and have fun making a video which shows one or more of these parts of building VEX IQ Challenge robots:

  • Why other youth would love building robots and should start a team or join your team.
  • What your team does.
  • How you design and build your robot.
  • What you learn from the VEX IQ Challenge.

You will see the rules for the challenge below, but the most important thing is to get people excited about what your team does!



Here is 31030A. Please come and join us!


The video name: "Here is 31030 a. do last come and join us!" Is "nangang star race team" player recruitment AD 2019, the film detailing team students in November 2018 - January 2019 between the training process of video by race team nangang star all students independently: planning, directing, camera, Show host, English interpretation, etc; Part of the camera and editing is done in teachers help!

This video time length is 104 seconds, text 89 seconds, until the end of 15 seconds

NanGang Star race team

Children's palace in nangang...


3547P 2018/19 Promote Video


Check out Sammy explaining VEX IQ in 3547P's Promote Video.

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98000B Promote Online Challenge


Team 98000B- You're A Robot Harry

Foothills Middle School

Wenatchee, WA

2019 VEX IQ Promote Award Online Challenge Video

We want more people to be interested and engaged in STEM and robotics. After talking to some local fifth graders to encourage them to join VEX, we found that almost all of the kids we talked to showed an interest in joining our middle school program. VEX has taught us so much about persevering, patience, friendship, and working as a team. Because we talked and shared our experiences in our program through hands on activities,...

AquaBots 1845A Promote Video


This is our video for the Promote Award. We want to encourage others to join VEX IQ robotics by showing others the fun we have building robots. We are AquaBots 1845A and we are the wave of the future!

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Robotics Builds Confidence


Robotics inspire you to build your confidence so that you are not afraid to try something new. In this powerful video watch Valeria and her team build their talents and work together to use their robotic skills in learning how to make videos.

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"Robotics is for everyone!"


Robotics is for everyone!

NOVA IQ Robotics Team 99808A’s 2019 VEX IQ Promote Video encourages students from all over the world to join VEX IQ robotics because “Robotics is for everyone!”  As military dependents, we have had to move a lot, and the one thing that unites all of the places we have lived is our love for STEM, and competing in VEX IQ no matter where we are gives us a sense of belonging. Even though we moved thousands of miles and had to start over from scratch, we won't let that stop us from competing!  We love...

Jeremy's Robot Adventure


Meet Jeremy the Robot and the members of 993A as they build and score.

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Time is running out for robot Rammy how will he...


Time is running out for Rammy who can help him make it to competition on time but.....

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How the Robot game is played!


Team 993C introduces you to how the 2018-2019 VexIQ game is played!

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Promote Video 98000K F.R.E (Female Robotics...


Team 98000K's 2019 VEX IQ Promote Award Online Challenge Video

Foothills Middle School

Wenatchee, WA

Robotics means the world to us. It is engaging, challenging, excellent, and it teaches us new life long skills such as, perserverance, patience, teamwork, and problem solving. In addition, one of the biggest lessons we've learned, is that failure is okay. With robotics, we are becoming mature, dependable young women. Thank you robotics!


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Jabba the Hub


VEX robotics team from Wenatchee Washington. Our team is here to benefit and change the community.


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Hub City Stackers


A puppet show we used to explain how and why we designed our robot the way we did.  We also introduce ourselves and what we like about robotics. We would love for others to join in on robotics fun!

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10173E HBS Incredibots VEX IQ Promote Video 2019



10173E HBS Incredibots VEX IQ Promote Video 2019

Hello! We are team 10173E, HBS Incredibots and we are an all-girls VEX IQ robotics team from The Henrietta Barnett School in North London, UK. 

VEX IQ teaches us to drive, to program, to design but above all to work as a team. Over the last two years, we have worked hard together when designing our robot, as well as individually specialising in different aspects of VEX IQ: Building, Driving, Programming, STEM Research, Sketchbook and CAD....



Video realizado en la institucion y en la plaza de la comunidad de KRESSBURGO - ITAPUA - PARAGUAY  con la intencion de presentar el equipo a la comunidad y poder proporcionar a los demas niños del pueblo la oportunidad de conocer lo que e Robotica y como puede transformar e influenciar en la educacion

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Our Work


This video is about our team 6446d working as a team. Doing all the requirements of robotics while having fun with the team. Our fundraisers and sponsors are also shown in the video. Also, the team members are shown.

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Robotics Teaches Life Lessons


VEX robotics teaches a lot of life lessons. Through robotics, our team, the Sandpiper Hexperts, has learned communication, perseverance, mentorship, integrity and teamwork -- all lessons that can help you in school, work and beyond. We showcase what we have learned in our Promote Video. We hope you enjoy!

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The future. Will you be part of it?


Hey there! We are team Technogear, 21549D.

In this video we look at the lessons we have learned through participating in VEX IQ, and we'd like to share just how fun and exciting robotics can be.

We hope you get inspired by this video to take up robotics and join us in creating the future!

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VEX IQ 1565B Glitch 3.0 Promote Video


VEX IQ 1565B Glitch 3.0 Promote Video

This video shows our progress through VEX and all the skills it teaches us for later life. Hope you enjoy. :)


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Our team


Our video summarises all of what we do in robotics to prepare for competitions. We use a variety of different skills such as research, coding, using CAD, driving and designing. This video also shows a model of how other teams could start building their story, just like us. We believe that the reason we love robotics, the reason we do well is because we perceive the problem or challenge or find a goal, we believe we can get there and then we achieve it. This motto got us to nationals and the world championships in Kentucky, so it musn't be that bad! We hope that you...

Eat Sleep Robotics


Our Team explains benefits of joining a Vex IQ Robotics Team  

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This video intents to show kids in our community that working in robotics is more than just building a robot. We hope we can encourage them to come and join the club.

But, most of all, we would like to encourage other teams to keep trying, even if they're not achieving their expectations. Our journey through robotics has taught us that, when learning to collaborate and work thoroughly as a team, dreams may come true.

Although we haven't qualified yet to represent our country in VEX Worlds, we feel we have accomplished more than expected so far. So, no...



Throughout this video we want to share with boys and girls from our community our experience in the Robotics Club. 

We hope more students will join us.

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This video shares our experience working together as a team and what we like the most about robotics.

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In this video we want to share how we built our robot.

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Dem Lemonz In the House!!


We are very excited to be in VEX IQ, and we are Dem Lemonz from Cranbrook Schools in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan!!  Come along with us on our journey as we show you what we love about VEX, how we share our knowledge, and why we think this is so awesome!  We all just started with VEX IQ, and we did really well at our first competition!  We love VEX IQ competitions, as we are always learning new things, challenging ourselves, problem solving, and working as a team!  We work hard and are never afraid to try new things because we know all these things help us get better.

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We want to share how our initial idea came to life.

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In this video we share why we like robotics so much. We hope other kids will join our club!

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Why We Love VEX IQ and Why We Think You'll Love...


We are Team 117A, Mad Scientists.  We want to get people to join robotics because it is fun for all ages and you can learn a lot from VEX. 

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