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Vex Robotics Promotional Video


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Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 10:52 AM

Welcome to the Vex Robotics Promotional video for all of the new minds. Our video contains motivation, inspiration, content, live footage of our competitions, old photos of our development, and much more. This video took about 4 - 5 hours to make and it has been just a journey for my team. Just to let it out there, this video has been made with no parental help. We hope that the new generation enjoys Vex Robotics as much as we did, it is an extraordinary experience and there is really no limitation to what can be accomplished. Young minds have the upper hand because of their ever growning imagination and creativity. Vex Robotics opens a completely new world of communication, problem solving, knowlegde, and just simply brings in new careers that can be archived due to Vex Robotics. There is really no way to explain what Vex Robotics is mainly for, it is just for young minds to actually be set free and for them to be able to release all that they know onto a piece of art right before their eyes. It has been a very exiting journey and we, Team 28134A, can not wait to see what the world brings to us next.


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Produced By Elvis Tursunovic and Megha Goddu. This content is full of inspiration and motivation for the new minds. Hope you enjoy.