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Created: Fri, Jan 11, 2019 12:14 PM

This is an image of our Wooster Robotics team 44691X. We have from the left sophomore Hayden Frank, senior Orin Selby, freshman Sam Carroll, junior Tyler Strand-fox, and then our allied team. This picture was taken after we won the 2019 Pickerington Vex Tounoument. This ment so much to all of us because all the earily hours, and late nights had finnally paid off. This was everyones first win and a very happy and emotional time for all of us. we realized that day that it is nice to win, but Vex isnt about winning it is about the leaning, and the experiences and friendships that we gain. From failed build atempts, to winning a tournament, vex has brought us closer together and thats what matters most.


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