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Our Robot Mango Is Our MVP - By Mariam Shaikh


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Created: Sun, Jan 13, 2019 1:52 PM

Our team is called 5x5 after the Rubik's cube we love to play with and our robot, Mango, is an active part of all our team fun. Whether we are practicing for our robot competition, playing with Rubik's cubes, or playing basketball, our robot is always our MVP. In this picture,  our robot, Mango needed a boost to make the shot into the net, we thought it was so funny that Mango is able to lift both Hubs and basketballs with ease. This is what Vex is all about, fun, teamwork, competition and sometimes giving a teammate a boost.


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   shaikh786 on 01/20/2019

LOVE THIS!!!! So creative!! I feel like Mango is like R2D2 from Star Wars - really makes their robot feel like its part human.