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Entry ID #: 5985
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 2:51 AM

In this photo we were reaching concensus for what we wanted to improve on our robot which made us feel like we have things we can still improve on. First we tested the program that was supposed to grab the bonus hub, push the three hubs that are close to the building zone, then stack the bonus hub on the top of the hubs that were pushed we felt very confident about what was going to happen. It was also supposed to succeed but it didn't since the robot didn't grab the bonus hub we were very fustrated since it sometimes succeeded and sometimes it didn't. So we used collaboration, commmunication, and organisation skills to improve on our program and robot design. Overall our team is proud, confident and happy about our robot and program. We chose our robot since we used this robot to program and if we used another robot we would have to change the robot's program completely. We chose this photo that we took since we wanted to represent a team that was confident and manered. So, after all the hard work we ended up suceeding for the program and our robot design.  


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