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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VEX IQ Challenge, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


Custom Made


Our team took this photo after shooting a flag. The force from the shoot broke our gear in half. We like all our parts custom made that way. We have parts from the past that are similar to what happened to the ratchet gear.

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Our First Win


We were in a hot sweaty room. Scouting, driving, practicing, having judges meetings and having fun. It was finally time for awards. We were waiting and waiting for our names to be called.  The last award.  Excellence.  And it was our number!  We were so excited to get our award.  The hard work was worth it all.  The old members of the team were there to celebrate with us. So we shared one big group hug.

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It takes time


Vex iq takes time and dedication if your going to have a good strong robot . Also sometimes you need instructions for perfection

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My favorite parts of robotics are building and programming. Building and programming are like puzzles in some ways, because you really do not know what you will make until the end. You need lots of creativity to build a robot. I like programming because it ties the entire robot together.  Although it is challenging, it can be rewarding for your teammates to complete an autonomous program or a driving program. Building and programming both need critical thinking, concentration and time.  The key to robotics is to be ready to try again with new ideas.

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The Talk


In the talk, we get to tell the judges about our robot.

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Inspiration Of Teaching


In the view of some young children, they see robots as a piece of the future that connects technological advancement and unbelievable possibilities. But, although there are some, we can always take more engineers and architects in tomorrow's world. As engineers, we must inspire, teach, and pass down knowledge to the future generations. As when we get older we can't wait to see what evolutionary leap forward they are about to make, as we look into the minds of a forthcoming genius.

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The Final Countdown


At the Orange Bowl tournament, our driver, Eric, makes it to the top platform in the final two seconds of the match.

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The Science Behind Robotics


This is a casual afternoon in The Haverford School's Robotics Team.  In one corner of the shop, Dr. Golecki, the School's Robotics Director, is explaining the material science aspect of VEX robots. 

Besides the fun and engaging experience of the Competition, VEX Robotics can also spark students' interests in the related fields of science and prepare them for the more focused and in-depth exploration of sciences in college.

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A robot, A friend


The robot is not only a machine to fight in the competition, but more an intimate friend in our daily life. We live together, fight together and compile together. It is playing a more and more important role in my life. For each inch of the aluminum part,  each centimeter of the elastic on its body, I installed them all by my own hands. They just seems to be part of myself.

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Our Robot Mango Is Our MVP - By Mariam Shaikh


Our team is called 5x5 after the Rubik's cube we love to play with and our robot, Mango, is an active part of all our team fun. Whether we are practicing for our robot competition, playing with Rubik's cubes, or playing basketball, our robot is always our MVP.

In this picture,  our robot, Mango needed a boost to make the shot into the net, we thought it was so funny that Mango is able to lift both Hubs and basketballs with ease. This is what Vex is all about, fun, teamwork, competition and sometimes giving a teammate a boost.

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Having fun with new friends! :-)


This picture was taken at a the ArkLaMiss tristate tournament. We had a great time competeing with teams from our neiboring states and making making new friends. 

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The Robot in the Robot


This photograph is our VEX IQ Next Level robot named ‘the Elevator’ inside a VEX EDR robot named Frosty.  This photographs represents two things.  One is that there is always more to learn in robotics.  Once a student has moved on from VEX IQ then can learn from VEX EDR.  The second thing is that just as Frosty gets all the kids together to play in the song, VEX creates a great community.  At World’s there is a team from Australia, next to a team from India, next to a team from Brazil.

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Robotics by the Fireside


We are team 37N! We love robotics and we are an all girls team and we believe in GIRL POWER! We want to show our math and engineering strengths and skills to the world. This picture captures our roles best. Two of us are working on the robot, making sure it will perform flawlessly, one working on the program for the autonomous challenge and one working on the engineering notebook to make sure all our accomplishments are chronicled accurately. Robotics is a peaceful, collaborative and fun activity that we all enjoy. It has also helped us become better friends.

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All In A Day's Worth


To me his photo means we all have each other’s back. We win together and fall together. We are working hard in this photo. Working on the Vex IQ Challenge has made us one big family and that’s worth everything.

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Learning From Each Other


On our team we have grades 2 -5 on each team. This means that every year there are kids who don't know as much and kids who know more. We like this becasue it means that we alwasy have to learning things so that we can teach others. In this picture Denisse is teaching Kennedy how to program the robot.  What's really cool is that enven the kids who are just learning teach the oder kids stuff all the time! 

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Mind Growth


What does this picture mean to me?  This picture means to me that no matter who or what race you are you can let your mind be free!  Robotics isn't just about winning... well, I mean... winning is pretty cool but that's not the point.  Robotics is about teamwork and cooperation.  If the whole world was a team  I think we would all be safer and happier.  Teamwork is the key!

                                  TOGETHER WE GROW!

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Robot Progress


This is a picture of my team's robot or at least part of it. Our full robot design has this shooter, but also has an intake to collect balls. Our previous design was a six-bar that can flip and score caps. This picture was taken of my team's robot transition phase from one robot to another. My team decided to upgrade our robot, we ended up with this design and this design works really well for us and got here after a lot of hard work. Most of my teammates have done VEX IQ, but this is our first time doing VEX and everyone has enjoyed it.

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Writing and Reconstruction


After their previous competition, the Circuit Breakers have returned with knowledge on how to improve their robot. The members of the team split off into two groups to efficiently accomplish their goals: Anjali and Purab would work on the design notebook, while Dhruv and Ian would construct the new robot. Purab is shown cutting images for Anjali to back and then paste in their notebook, taking care to ensure each image is the correct size. Meanwhile, Dhruv and Ian are creating an arm that would fit in their design while having the power and stability to high hang.

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When The Game Ends.....


This is a photo of our robot from last year when we were in when Vex IQ, this photo represents what happens after the hype, the pressure and the stress is all realsed into the last game of the season.

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When The Hype is Building..


This is a photo of the Dome from the crowd, to just take in the amount of people and hype that is in that arena. Most teams come there to learn, but most importantly enjoy and that is one thing the this Dome does.

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The Working Hour


"The Working Hour" is a song by Tears for Fears.  Every VEX competition is a struggle, with tight periods of time between each match to perform maintenance tasks.  As a VEX team, we try to take advantage of this time as much as possible, recalling what happened during the previous match and trying to fix our mistakes as efficiently as possible.

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The Language of Robotics is Universal


At Worlds, you have the opportunity to work with many different teams from many different countries.  Sometimes the team you are paired with does not speak the same language as your team.  You need to work together to strategize before the match.  Robotics is easy to talk about no matter what language you speak; the robot does the talking in how it moves or what it does and we use our hands, eyes and smiles (or frowns) to figure out what worked well and what maybe didn't.  In the end, we shake hands and know we worked together to do...


Empowering the Next Generation of Women Engineers


At the Google Girl Powered VEX Robotics Workshop, seasoned veterans lent a hand to help spark the curiosities of the next generation of women engineers. With hands-on activities, this workshop let over 500 girls experience both the frustrations and joys of engineering as they built their own robots. One of the greatest feelings in engineering is the sudden realization when a concept clicks mentally, as captured in this photo of a mentor pointing out a structural flaw in a robot. Through these moments, participants learned how to construct, program, and tune their machines to compete in the...

Colored Emotions in VRC


The picture shown above represents many aspects of the Vex Robotics Competition for our team, 4001A. For example, the different colors in the picture represent various moods and emotions that we share during our Vex experience. The red represents the rage and frustration of an unsuccessful design which contrasts with the green of satisfaction of a well coordinated team effort. Conversely, the calm blue represents the determination and patience in order to fabricate a valid solution. The perspective from the bottom of the robot lends an air of grandiosity to the image, demonstrating...


Females: The Minds Behind the World of STEM


“Wait so YOU’RE in robotics?”

Yes, I am in robotics. Yes, I know what a motor is. Yes I know what gear ratios are. Yes, I can program. 

Being introduced to STEM at a young age, I became exposed to the prejudice certain minorities face, more specifically gender inequality within STEM fields.   

As I got older, I knew there were numerous other females who are interested in STEM, however, are not provided with equal opportunities.



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VEX Life is the ONLY Life


VEX Life is the ONLY Life

How often do you see your bed?  How many hours a week do you spend on your VEX field?  VEX is our Life!  

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First Test Drive


Hard work culminates in the first test drive. After months of hard labor, this team was finally able to begin testing their design on the feild. Hope, determination, excitment, swell up in the room as the joysticks are moved for the first time. Their task almost complete, but the journy has just begun. 

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More than just making robots, making friends.


In Vex Robotics, in addition to learning about STEM areas, we were able to develop empathy and communication skills with our team and members of other teams. One of the wonders offered by being part of these robotics competitions, rather than making robots, we make friendships that go beyond cultural, language or distance barriers. More than just making robots, making friends.


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