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VEX Photography Online Challenge

Submit a photo that best represents what you love about being involved in robotics. Use photography to tell a complete story with one photograph, focusing on your favorite aspect of VEX IQ Challenge, VRC or VEX U. Compose a photo that conveys an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


Design Comes First


Here at Gael Force, members believe in a strong idea that usually starts off as a drawing. We try picturing our designs out and analyzing the pros and cons eh each design that we come up with. Making a drawing is a key part of the design process and allows us to create the best design before building it.

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More than a team, a family


2218A is not a team. 2218A is a family. 

A family that works hard, day by day, to achieve great things and always meet our goals. 

2218A is more than a team, it is a family. 

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One of the most important features of anything that hopes to dominate is a brain. This V5 brain represents all of our thoughts and ideas united to create our robot, Robert.

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Flying Ball

Our goal is to reach beyond the sky and conquer the world.

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The Language of Robotics


Having international alliance partners just one of the great parts of the world-wide VEX robotics experience.  Here, a 2567K Porta-Botz! member communicates strategy before a match with his Chinese partner. The language of robotics is one that is understood all around the world!

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Uniting Through Robotics


This picture shows us callorborating and making friends with our alliance partners.  As we waited for the finals matches to begin, we planned out our strategy but also talked about fantasy football, nick-names for our shared mentor, and other topics not related to robotics that brought us together.  It breaks down the barrier in talking to someone that you do not know because there is a purposeful reason to collaborate, plan, strategize, and work towards a common goal.

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First Test Drive


Hard work culminates in the first test drive. After months of hard labor, this team was finally able to begin testing their design on the feild. Hope, determination, excitment, swell up in the room as the joysticks are moved for the first time. Their task almost complete, but the journy has just begun. 

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More than just making robots, making friends.


In Vex Robotics, in addition to learning about STEM areas, we were able to develop empathy and communication skills with our team and members of other teams. One of the wonders offered by being part of these robotics competitions, rather than making robots, we make friendships that go beyond cultural, language or distance barriers. More than just making robots, making friends.


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