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Entry ID #: 5648
Created: Wed, Nov 14, 2018 1:08 PM

   Project U hinge Description:      The “U” hinge will be comprised of spun and pressed steel or it will be made of a Aluminum. The overall size of the hinge will be 3x3 with three holes to put screws and bolts into on all sides. The hinge will come in two different designs, 90 degree side or a rounded edge. The hinge will be thin enough to be fit in between metal or aluminum bars and will be strong enough to survive the constant and fast movements of the robots motors, claws, and the spinning of the wheels. Reason:      The reason for the “U” bar is because during the building and designing process my team realized that the stability of the two metal bars and the wheel were not stable and tend to become shaky and fall apart as the robot moved forward and stooped. From there we [the team] realized that there were not a large variety of hinges like with the metal bars. We then started to think of different hinge types that would be able to not only be able to withstand the constant movements that the robot does, but also be small and useful for the entire robot. The “U” hinge will eliminate the probability of the wheels disconnecting from the main motors and the bot itself.  


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