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Bevel GearBox


Entry ID #: 5758
Created: Fri, Jan 4, 2019 10:44 AM

The part that I designed is an axle transfer gear box. It is a connecting and holding unit for bevel gears so that bevel gears can be better used to change the direction of axles by 90° or use it to split an axle into two going perpendicular to the original spinning direction either the same or opposite of one another, this can be used to reduce the number of motors required to run a subsystem on the robot which is crucial with only eight total motors. To mount the part on a robot you would use 2 ½ inch screws to hold the box together then use stand-offs on the end of the screws to connect to your robot. I used Autodesk Inventor professional 2019 to design the parts and add onto the existing 24 tooth bevel gears. I have previous experience with CAD programs and recently got my basic certification in Solidworks, so I will be using CAD to design different parts that could be beneficial to VEX.


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