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Wheelie Bar


Entry ID #: 5759
Created: Fri, Jan 4, 2019 2:59 PM

    As a team we decided to create a wheelie bar to prevent any unwanted tipping or falling over, due to our robots instability.  In our most recent year as Vex Robotics competitors we consistently flipped over in competition which ended up wasting time.  This wheelie bar should help us score as much as possible because we won’t waste time.      A wheelie bar has been on our mind since last year when our team encountered this problem.  We have redesigned the wheelie bar so it would be both efficient and effective.  Collectively a decision was made to have a sleek and simple design to fit onto the back of our robot.  It can be quickly attached to the robot with ease and works effectively.  To design the extension part we used Autodesk Tinkercad.     By doing this challenge our team has learned how to use Tinkercad to design 3D objects.  Tinkercad helped us to creatively come up with designs.  Due to that, in the future there is a possibility that we will use a 3D design software to find inspiration. Also learning 3D design can help with career paths because there are many careers that include 3D design. Graphic designers, motion graphics, and animation are just a few careers. The wheelie bar is a helpful and useful item that would make are robot better.


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