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New type of L piece


VS Puzzler
Entry ID #: 5772
Created: Sun, Jan 6, 2019 2:02 PM

Dear Judges, My name is Vineet Saravanan and I am a builder on team 37U, The Narwhal Navy. In our first competition just before the finals our robot broke. The chassis was really weak. We had to franticly rebuild our robot in 5 minutes. Ever since I encountered similar issues with the chassis of our robot and I have always tried to think of a way to avoid this situation and prevent this from happening again. It was always difficult to strengthen the base without removing other pieces for such a simple fix. Then I found out of the On-line Challenge, that you can make your own part, my dream had come true! The piece I have just created might not look like much, but it will enable a stronger chassis and enable easier fixes to the base. This piece is very simple to put on and doesn't need aligning. It has five pin holes on one side and four pin holes on another side. I have designed it using TinkerCad, which I have used for almost a year now. You can see my TinkerCad at full detail through the link below: About My Experience with 3-D printing At my library we have many different kinds of 3-D printer. I have a big passion for 3-D printing ever since our school had a 3-D printing MakerSpace. Since then I have made many things including a Rubiks Cube that actually turns and a luggage tag for my bag for regular use. I think 3-D printing is fun, and I like it because you can do anything! Models can also be made into moving things like my Rubiks Cube and thats what I think is really cool about 3-D printing. I think a 3-D printing designer would be so much fun. Thank you for considering the new L-Piece for this year’s AutoDesk challenge. Thank You, Vineet


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Links / Videos

This is a short video of me explaining the benefits of the new piece.

This is the link to my TinkerCad design.


   VS Puzzler on 01/14/2019

Good Job!