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Revised Threaded Coupler


Entry ID #: 5814
Created: Wed, Jan 9, 2019 11:34 AM

The biggest reason for the creation of this piece was to improve the threaded couplers two simple issues. One being that when screwed together it occasionally nests to far into a standoff and not evenly into the other one, the second issue being that the section where the standoffs meet is a breakpoint. We have witnessed the breakpoint being snapped during a competition. The new part will be treated as a normal coupler in every way, shape and form. The advantage would be that the standoffs would be evenly distributed and protected by the outward shield around them. In Autodesk Inventor I imported a standoff from the parts library and made a circle around it. Then deleting the standoff I had a basic shield. By smoothing it out I made it look more refined. Then I imported a threaded coupler and simply centered it. This software, Autodesk Inventor, we use regularly to render out our competition robots for the notebook and judges. We also use it as a form or prototyping.  Thank you so much for your consideration!

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