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Singular Hole Axle/Screw Joint Insert


Entry ID #: 5838
Created: Wed, Jan 9, 2019 11:18 PM

Team 2496N CAD Challenge Submission Singular Hole Axle/Screw Joint Insert Problem: Our team had an issue with bearing flats being three holes long, as we needed a single hole to be one circular without the surrounding holes being affected.  The singular hole axle/screw joint insert allows for a screw joint or axle to be fit on what is a one hole bearing flat. This singular hole insert is extremely space efficient and can be put into the sides rows on C-channels.  Functionality: The axle is held into a plastic insert body, and the plastic insert body is held directly into a C-channel hole by a steel pin surface.    Software Used:  The only software used in this design process was Autodesk Inventor 2018. Fillets/extrusions were used to create the parts, and the materials feature was used to help with the visualization of the object. The animation video was made using a presentation file and the diagrams were made using drawing files. Conclusion: This was a very good learning process for the newer members of our team. This project taught them basic part creation features with filleting, extruding, and sketching being utilized. Furthermore, they also learned diagramming skills with the drawing files with them learning to eliminate redundancy in dimensions as well as learning about the TYP. label. When we enter industry or on our own time, we will definitely need these skills whether it be the CAD or the dimensioning skills learned today.  Going into engineering, learning CAD is extremely helpful with 3d-printing becoming more and more mainstream for prototyping/low stress use. In competitive robotics, we've used CAD in the past to pre-plan our robots before building them to get accurate spacer measurements along with accurate C-Channel lengths. Our team plans on further using CAD for these applications in the future.

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