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vex clip on motor


Entry ID #: 5844
Created: Thu, Jan 10, 2019 2:03 PM

I just want to say best of luck to all and that may the best CADDER WIN!  I designed a clip on motor so that instead of removing a motor from the robot you can simply just on clip it to do repairs and clip it on the drive I also 3D print and entered the bonus challenge Writen Report: My name is Nathan Mckissick from Gulfport Mississippi, and I designed a part to solve the problem of long motor repair times.  I am improving installation, repairs, and accessibility by making a clip-on motor so that instead of hard-to-get to screws you have easy-to-get-to clips tha will allow access to the inside of the motor for easy repairs.  Repairs will be quicker with the decrease in time needed to remove the motor from the robot which will lead to more time for other things. This is how we can reduce time to do repairs with the clip on motor.  Instead of removing pieces of the robot to get to one little motor why not have a motor like this that is more accessible so you can easily remove it?  Sometimes you have to take apart your whole base to get to one little motor and with this you can easily just unclip it and repair it. In turn not having to take apart your base. In Fusion 360 I took the the ex 393 2-wire motor in the newest version of Fusion 360 and smoothed out all surfaces except the wire.  Which meant removing screws leveling the surface and smoothing edges.  Then I went onto build the clip and cut into the side of the motor for the clip area and then used fusion to 3D print my model.  In the future I plan to use fusion 360 a lot more to explore possibilities and to improve my robot. I learned how to use the extrude tool which I knew little about before this.   It was hard but I did it!