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Entry ID #: 5884
Created: Fri, Jan 11, 2019 4:31 PM

My new part is a twelve long by three wide piece that can be part of a claw or used as a wheel guard, it is not a solid piece but rather a one wide making a wide U with a stick coming off of the side. If you put two of these on two different 36 tooth gears facing opposite directions, they can be used for a claw that fits well around the hubs for the 2018-2019 game Next Level. It can also fit around a wheel on the side or the top to cover a wheel so that it does not get stuck on a game/field element during a match. The piece I made can also be used to hold back the wires on a robot, so that they do not get into gears, wheels, or go out of bounds. Also, this piece is not only usable for VEX iq, but also VRC, the holes on the piece for the pins are also wide enough for the VRC bolts to fit though.To make my piece I used the program called Autodesk Inventor. I started by making a 2-D sketch with the holes and once I got the dimensions on the pinholes and rest of the piece correct, I extruded the sketch to the correct thickness of a regular VEX iq piece.

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