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Brain Connector


Entry ID #: 5959
Created: Sun, Jan 13, 2019 8:09 PM

On our robotics team we have building rules when we build robots. One rule is that we use standoffs to connect the brain to the robot. The standoffs also help keep the wires organized.  HOwever, when we put the standoffs in the brain and then have to take off the brain or change wires the standoffs are hard to get back into the brain.  So we designed a piece that has standoffs  connected to the beam.  The standoffs are in the middle of the beam so that the top and bottom of the beam can be used to conenect the brain in a vairety of ways to the robot.  We used Autodesk Inventor 2018 version. We were able to download VEX part files from online and then put them in Inventor.  It was cool to see how the x,y, and z axis make things 3D, we didn't know that could happen but now we see graphing in a new way, we even shared it with our math class and the other students.  We contacted our high school engineering program and they 3D printed our part. It was cool to get to touch the part and try it in the brain. We hope to use autodesk next year and be thinking about all the new pieces we could make to make a better robot. 

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