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License Plate Holder


Entry ID #: 5997
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 8:53 AM

This license plate holder is designed to make dealing with license plates the easiest part of VEX robotics. The holder can secure a blue and red license plate simultaneously. It allows for each plate to be swapped from one color to another with ease by having both plates rest inside of the holder’s slot. Changing the color of the plates is as simple as sliding both plates out of the holder, facing the color desired toward the open face of the holder, and placing the plates back into the slot. When it comes to mounting the holder, teams get two options. Teams could choose to attatch the bottom of the holder to piece of metal and have the license plates sit up perpendicular to whatever metal it is mounted to. Teams could also mount the holder perpendicular to the face of a bar by securing it through the screw holes on the rear face of the plate. A bonus feature of the holder is one that helps prevent confusion when the robot is on the playing field. When competing, it is sometimes difficult for a team member or even a referee to tell what color represents a robots alliance. Thankfully, the holder solves this issue by having one of its sides easily visible, while the other side is covered up and allows only one color to be seen. With these handy features, this holder is no longer just a mere piece of plastic, but instead is a vital piece of equipment that every team should have. 


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