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CASE PRO V5 FIE - VEX Robotics


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Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 9:02 AM

Hello Teams! This project aims to present a new product for insertion in the robotic platform VEX V5! By aggregating, editing, and condensing what we have learned, synthesis allows us to establish a new perspective and identify opportunities for innovation. The presentation of this work is divided in the following parts to be explored: - Idealization of the project from its initial phase, using recyclable materials and easy manipulation for the initial project design. - The schematic execution and three-dimensional construction of the product, together with the available V5 platform technology, the integration of Fusion 360 software is one of the main factors for the development of the model. - Materialization, use of the additive manufacturing process for the physical validation of the component and understanding of its physical behavior in robotic deployments in conjunction with data collection. - Application of Optimization Engineering, to create a new product respecting the objectives of the proposed functionality. Main focus on material reduction in production and focus on component quality. - Application of the project and technical descriptions. - Thank you so much for taking advantage of this work. All files are available so that all students and participants of the VEX Robotics program can download and use it in their projects and their daily routines. THE PDF FILES MUST BE VISUALIZED FOR THE TOTAL KNOWLEDGE ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT AND ITS PHASES.   Since then, there was more than one to support the development of this work and to send information about its use and deployment THANK YOU!    

Links / Videos

Available for download - With all the specifications - CASE PRO V5 FIE - VEX Robotics and RECFoundation In this link you can access all materials available for the presentation of this work Here you can also leave your report on future considerations!

In this link you have access to the second version of the component with the deployments of its improvements to the production process in additive manufacturing and its reductions of consideration. All files are available to teams that have the V5 system.

This is a video about the development of FIE demonstrating its history of development

This is a video tutorial on how you can do the fixing of the components in your V5 brain. Easily and effectively

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