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39k's Adjustable Gear


Entry ID #: 6019
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 12:49 PM

We created this part out of necessity. A big part of this competition is shooting balls, and most common shooters require a gear that is missing teeth. Teams, us included, had to cut gear to achieve this. With our design, you can slot teeth in and out of the gear, making the gear versatile. This allows teams to be able to do a range of things, from leaving gaps in the gear (like we needed this year) to being able to change gear ratios on the fly.  We created this project by using Inventor 2016 Professional 64-bit edition, build 138. For dimensions of the gear, we measured a standard small 32 tooth gear.  From this project, we learned how to use inventor better, especially materials and extrusions. We also learned how to export in a render to turn it in. Inventor helps our team by letting us visualize plans for our robot before we build it, so we don't waste time. 3d design is important for future careers for the same reason it helps our team, it lets you design new products without having to pay for materials or production of prototypes. 

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