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Motor Box


Entry ID #: 6071
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 4:52 PM

We created a part because we need it to solve motor problems on our robot. Our part will be helpful in the design process of our robot. Our part would help the problem with rattling motors and would keep them in place. Part of the new piece will connect to the part the motor is usually connected to and the other will keep the motor in place. We used Tinkercad 4.4 because our team is most familiar with this software. We designed how we think the part will look like. We weren’t able to 3D print our piece. We learned how to connect Tinkercad with robotics by designing a part. We will use 3D design in the future to design a model. The software can help you if you are on a competitive robotics team by making a part that you need to solve a problem on your robot. 3D design will help you in your career path by making models or prototypes.

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