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Gear Box


Entry ID #: 6073
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 4:57 PM

This gearbox is designed so it will be easier to switch gear ratios.  Previously on our robot, we have had to remove several axles to change out gear ratios.  This was a long process and often involved hammering out warped axles. This process could be made simpler and safer with replaceable gearboxes. Autodesk Inventor version 2019 was used to create the shell that the gear chain will be housed in.  It was also designed to fit within premeasured size dimensions. This will allow the gearbox to be screwed on to the robot wherever the gears are needed.  These gearboxes will help speed up the process of changing gear train, encouraging more people to use a more complex gear train to solve more engineering problems.  Not all of the potential uses for the gearbox is related to robotics, they could also be used in the classroom for prototypes and other engineering builds I learned that it wasn’t difficult to use the 3D modeling software once the basic layout had been created.  I do plan on using this type of software in the future to create products for our club to sell. I can also use it for class and other business purposes.  This software would be especially beneficial if I was on a competitive VEX U robotics team because I could then design and 3D print parts to be used in competition.  Learning to use the 3D modeling software could help my career path since it is good to have a basic knowledge of 3D modeling in engineering. This experience could help me better visualize my ideas before production and use.


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