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Double Corner Connector


Entry ID #: 6109
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 6:21 PM

We created the part because our corner pieces kept falling out and the alternatives like connecting two of them would not work because getting a secure connection between the pieces and still being able to attach other pieces to the corner piece was not really possible. The piece can be used to attach pieces in a corner position like normal but it has a much stronger connection and can be attached to from both sides while maintaining the stability of attaching directly to the robot. I used fusion 360 version 2.0.3797 to alter two corner pieces and extend the walls of one of the corner pieces downward so that it lines up and connecting the rest of the sides so that it is flush, and then combining the parts so they stay together as one component. I learned that 3d modeling programs can be easy to use and you don’t need to know a lot about computers to do simple 3d modeling and for simple things it doesn’t take hours to do and doesn’t take long to learn. I will most likely use 3d modeling software in the future to design thing next year for tech lab where we will 3d print things and most likely later in life. If we were in a part of vex that we could use 3d printed parts we would use it to attach our plow to our robot better because it keeps coming off. I may use the 3d printing knowledge in my career path because I want to design new tech and program the tech.

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