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Friction locking axle collar


Entry ID #: 6120
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 6:49 PM

Aloha judges,  The part i have created is a friction locking hinged axle collar, which i have been drawing for multiple months and have worked with many of my engineering and drafting teacher at my school to make it as effect and simplistic as possible. I Created the Clamping axle collar to address the problems with the current axle collar, where the screws strip often inside of it and they are also a pain to put on and manage. The clamping axel collar is able to but plan upon the axle with ease and the 2mm cubes on the sides allow for a 64 screwdriver to be use as a level to open then. I used Autodesk inventor to create this part since it's interface and mechanics are very simple and makes working on parts and creating assemblies very easy. I also feel that i will be using autocad and my drafting skills throughout my life since to me it comes very easily and it is very relaxing in a weird way. But most importantly it allows me to design and create anything i can think of to fix and problem i face in my life. P.S the prints made where doubled to fit the larger axle because the 3D print i have could not get the detail i needed at the small size