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Cap Flipper - 65145A


Entry ID #: 6191
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 9:06 PM

The online challenge that I decided to tackle was creating a custom part consisting of two pieces that can be used in the robotic competitions. My part is a cap flipper for this year's VEX Robotics game. I was hoping to tackle a way to make a light, effective, and simple mechanism for flipping caps over. To accomplish the 3-D design, I used the AutoCAD application of Inventor Pro 2017. In Inventor, I made the parts individually, assembled the parts in the assembly file, and made 3 different views in the drawing folder. This project served as a learning experience for me becasue it gave me a refresher on the different things I can do in autodesk, and reminded me of the importance of using tools like this to streamline the design process. I will definitly use this app in the future to draw different parts in my carreer path of an aeeronautical engineer. Having the knowledge I have for Inventor will make it easier for me to replicate parts such as airplane wings in the future.

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