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8871Z - CAD Make it Real Challenge "Jack Interception" Submission


Entry ID #: 6213
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 9:43 PM

Why was it made? (Introduction) The Jack Intersection is a specialized six-way standoff that is created in Fusion 360 for the purpose of aiding in more complex connections and joining of VEX robot structure parts. The issue was inconveniences of joining two parts together at arbitrary and unlikely angles, and this solves it by being a utility and multi-purpose component in structure building. How would it be utilized? The part would be used to aid in connecting structure parts of a robot in a cubic and grid fashion (As shown in the example, lower left corner. The part, Jack Intersection, is connecting three different "C-Channels" into ways that are likely to be used in more advanced designs of structure in VEX robots.) and aiding in turning of "poles" on VEX robots (As shown in the example, making a crossbar out of standoffs, or "poles". Utilizing larger structures would be more unlikely as there needs to be an exact measurement and the excess size of the part. Employing "poles" as shown would not only fulfill this purpose but also appear more compact and professional, which is an important factor in making a robot.).  How did you use your software to create this? Using Fusion 360 (Version 2.0.5331, Free Trial), the model could be made perfect in 90-degree offsets and exactly identical part size while also integrating threads into the model. Fusion 360 allows for planar drawing which aids in integrating multiple objects into a common center. Fusion 360 also aids in rendering and freely "orbiting" the model and allowing for multi-angle shots on a model (As shown in pictures of Jack Interception provided.). What lessons did you learn? (Conclusion) The lessons learned in making this is the basics to 3D modeling. Most likely, future 3D designing would be used for entertainment purposes as professional design and engineering is not planned in the future. Likely, 3D designing would not help at this level of a competitive robotics team, but in higher levels, it might be utilized. Learning 3D design most likely won't aid in the chosen career path.

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