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Dox Rox Plate Locks


Entry ID #: 6251
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 10:36 PM

As a team, we have identified that an issue with our previous robots design was a lack of efficient and professional vertical license plate holders. This has led us to zip-tying plates to the side of our robot, bolting them to bars and even creating stands to mount them on. With all of the various designs attempted there was always a compromise that had to be made that left us all in doubt about the perfection of the design. Then we realized there is no perfect design for the plate holders we set out to cad our own.   Our custom part is a basic, quick switch license plate holder that secures the plates with a satisfying click. Our plates were designed to press fit two plates perfectly, and to be 3d printed using PLA filament. The TinkerCAD file exported as a .stl file was created with 1.5% larger dimensions to account for the shrinkage in the print. We used TinkerCAD to create the new plate holder. This design allows us to quickly swap plates, and hold them secure, all while adding a professional design to our robot.   This project taught us to seek elegant solutions to our problems, and that cad can help us plan our steps beforehand. In the future we plan to cad our entire robot before our last rebuild for the season, and look forward to seeing how a specific approach to a design will make us more competitive in the future. Learning cad software will greatly impact our future careers, because everyone in our team aspires to pursue some form of engineering.


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