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Standoff Angle


Entry ID #: 6253
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 10:48 PM

Standoffs are an extremely useful part of the VEX Robotics Design System. They serve as the intermediary between screws and C-Channels, and are perfect for a whole variety of situations. The Standoff Angle is a peice designed to help increase their flexibility and power. For example, see the attached assembly, which demonstrates a model of a prototype ball uptake. The Standoff Angle allows for easy mounting of the Polycarbonate component of the uptake, and securely holds it in a simple mechanism The Standoff Angle allows you to attach any two standoffs, at any mounting point at a 90 degree angle, without needing to break the constantancy of the standoff (in order to attach shaftcollars, for example). Additionally, the Standoff Angle locks better than any other method of standoff attachment, by being shaped to fit around the standoff itself. For those needing specific attachment, one could use the associated standoff collar, which goes around the standoff and allows you to constrain the standoff angle to a specific position. These parts were made in Autodesk Fusion 360 Ultimate (v2.0.5331) as a sort of project to help to learn Fusion 360. We had previous experience with Autodesk 2018 due to PLTW courses, but not with Fusion. Its Collaborative features allowed us to each work from our own devices and helped us produce these parts better. The joint system was especially refreshing as it allowed us to quickly assemble parts using only one constraint, as opposed to the several required in Autodesk Inventor Were these parts to be made legal, we would find them incredibly useful when making assemblies with standoffs, and would use them in many places on our current competition robot, such as our intake and uptake system for balls  

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