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Exterior Double Beam Connector


Entry ID #: 6254
Created: Mon, Jan 14, 2019 10:49 PM

The Circuit Breakers (VEX IQ Team 47A) are excited to introduce The Exterior Double Beam Connector, which is a versatile piece that will be beneficial to all VEX IQ users, if implemented. Resolving the problem of the lack in stability when two beams are linked together, the Exterior Double Beam Connector ensures that beams do not snap off of the robot, which is fundamental to successful and sturdy VEX IQ robot designs. In other words, with this new connecting piece, users will be able to strengthen the quality of their robots and explore more complex designs, while ensuring their robot stays intact and well-secured. Our write-up on this piece is attached, along with visual images created on a 3D software, thoroughly describing the issue we are resolving and our learning process.


   TBNRBEAST on 02/26/2019

Thank you!!!