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Vex Robotics Strong Grip Wheel


Entry ID #: 6345
Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 4:48 AM

    Throughout the several years that I have been in VEX robotics most of the time we stayed relatively grounded due to having to interact with other objects on the field, however within the last few years there have been more obstacles that require our robot to climb over or on top of. With the current wheels that are available  which would be either be the 2.75in diameter wheels or one of the few 4in diameter rail or omniwheels. The 2.75in are generally way to small to climb anything let alone  the 4in pole that VEX has been using as an obstical to climb, while the rail wheels and omniwheels do not have enough grip to climb the pole as it is smooth plastic. There are also these special rubber ended wheels that have more grip than any other wheel but lack much turning power and are really hard to come by, at competitions I hardly see anyone with these wheels and their response to me asking why they couldn't get them was that they could not find any for sale. So I made a much simpler and easy to produce design that if the wheels have a rubber traction should be more that enough to climb over VEX's 4in diameter poles.

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