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Vex Locking mechanism


Entry ID #: 6353
Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 6:21 AM

In Vex Robotics The CAD software that I used was Fusion 360 v2.0.5278. First, I started out by drawing a 2D trapezoid. Then, I extruded it into 3 dimensions. Next, I added 3 spheres on each side of the trapezoidal prism. I then made a rectangular prism and used the trapezoidal prism as a cutting tool to create the inverse shape. This gave me 2 parts that would fit into each other. Then I added 3 holes on opposite sides of the rectangular prism that we can push the spheres out of the divots and detach them from each other. The spheres stick out of the trapezoidal piece so that they lock into place after one motion and stay locked for the rest of the match. To unlock the mechanism, the spheres can be pushed in and the trapezoidal piece can be pulled out. This mechanism can be used to lock into place with a one time motion at the beginning of a match and will stay sturdy and locked throughout the rest of the match until it is manually reset by pushing in the spheres and pulling out the trapezoidal. In the current Vex Robotics Competition, Turning Point, this mechanism can be used to lock into place a c-channel that can be used as a method of descoring caps on high poles.