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Hook Channel


Entry ID #: 6433
Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 9:02 AM

We created this part because we were thinking of a part that would benefit our robot, and that might benefit others as well. The piece created is similar to a 30 x 3 channel except for the extended hook at the 90 degree angle. This would be useful for making claws and also launch due to the claw being able to attach to a claw on itself. We used Autodesk inventor 2018 to model this part. We used functions such as the rectangular pattern after we had made the first sketch of one of the holes. We learned from this project how we can model a part and the possibilities of modeling in a program like inventor. We could use 3D design modeling for the future in part making. By making parts we can think more of the little details of how everything comes together. Learning 3D design helps us be versatile and stand out from others for jobs.

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