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Improved Standoff Joint


Entry ID #: 6490
Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 9:57 AM

I created this part because I saw flaws in the way standoff lifts were being made before. To connect a standoff to an axle, the common way to do this previously was to screw a coupler into the standoff and then to screw that into a collar on the shaft. There were a few problems with this, for one the length of the connection was only a few millimeters which made the connection weak and limited the use of the lifts that used standoffs to low loads only. The other problem was that this required a lot of adjusting to make sure the coupler wasn't in too far that there would be excess or that the coupler wasn't screwed in enough, making an even weaker connection. The new part is intended to be used on screws to connect them to standoffs. The main loop fits over the screw (used as an axle) and then the standoff can be connected to the part with a short coupler. The new part has the advantage of having longer support and an easier mechanism for attachment. Instead of requiring lots of adjustments, the hole has a back to it, meaning the coupler can be screwed all the way into the part before attaching a standoff. I used Fusion 360 version 2.0.5119 to design this part. From this project, I learned the difficulties of designing around set parameters. It was difficult to try to make a shape that I liked while still fulfilling the goals I set out in the beginning. I will continue to use Fusion 360 and other software to model new parts and ideas, as well as to help with the design process of the robot, looking at how pieces would fit together when I don't have access to them.

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