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VEX Suspension System


Entry ID #: 6528
Created: Tue, Jan 15, 2019 10:43 AM

VEX Suspension System Have you jared your robot brain, knocked pieces loose, or detroyed your wheels on the PVC pipes during the In the Zone game or climbing the center platform this year?  The VEX Suspension System can solve all these issues..   We designed a lift system for Vex robots so that the task of reaching elevated objects would no longer be an issue for your robot. We achieved this by creating the Vex Suspension System. It was designed to lift the robot a total 3 inches higher from its standard height. The Vex Suspension System is made using eight control arms which are attached to the wheel bracket and the height is controlled using our new part. The Vex lift is what we created to do the lifting of the whole system. It is constructed of three parts which when combined make the robot lift higher.  This system still allows the wheels to be driven by motors. Using inventor to design all of our parts. We learned the challenges and difficulties with designing a new part. I most likely will use 3D design in the future. This will help us get over obstacles during of vex competition. It will help in the mechanical industry by designing new parts.


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